Last wednesday, Beverly my instructor of English as a Second Language class gave us a list of some buildings or places in Notre Dame. She asked us to do “Scavenger Hunt”, which means we would have to search the buildings on the list and get the assigned items(a bag, a pen or a brochure. In addition, we had have to take pictures with the buildings!


     She advised us say something like: 

Hi, good morning.  My name is Beverly, and I am in Notre Dame's English as a Second Language class.  Our instructors want us to become acquainted with the university and suggested that we visit your office.  Can you tell us something about your office.  ===========  Thank you.  You have been very kind.  Have a nice day.


     This Tuesday, I invited some classmates do Scavenger Hunt. This was a group  combined by Chinese(Yanna), Taiwanese(me), Japanese(Kimiko, Asaka), Turkish(Yeter), and Korean(Hun Jun).


     It was a wonderful weather on Tuesday. Beautiful sunshine was very suitable for taking pictures!



     I had already circled all the places on the campus map. 

    After all my partners got together, We started with theHesburgh Library, which was the largest college library in the world when it opened in 1963! There is a huge wall paint of Jesus on the facade of the library. 



    Then we went to visit Geddes Hall. It is one of the newest buildings on campus and was the first completed structure designed for compliance with official “green building” certification standards.


What surprised me is that there is a free coffee shop on 1st floor, it is a quite place for study. 


It is also the home of the Institute for Church Life. Such a solemnly place.




    After searching most of the building, we came to the Main Building.      


It is the one of the most recognizable landmarks in higher education. You can see the top of the Main Building, it was made with pour gold, and Holy Mary has stood on the top of the building for a long long time.


    I like this activity very much. We group had chatted with each other on the searching way. In addition, I got a lot of useful information of ND that would be used in the future!


For more informantion of Notre Dame

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